Cut Assist v2.0;

ANCA Motion's world-class laser cutting solution

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Cut Assist is the laser cutting application software from ANCA Motion, a global motion control leader with 45 years’ experience and operations in more than 40 countries.
Cut Assist v2.0 will be available from Q1 2020. It builds on advanced features such as fast, reliable height following, the ability to start from a job from any pierce point, and laser head protection. It offers increased flexibility, control and productivity to the operator through smart factory-enabled features and delivers more from your machine.
The latest version offers operators better control by enabling smarter scheduling, the configuring of a job’s starting position, automated nozzle changing and cleaning, and automated sheet qualification and loading.

What’s new in V2.0?

Some of the other standout features in the new release are:

  • Ability to configure laser power, frequency and duty during piercing. Developed with some of our exacting OEMs, this feature allows continuous, uninterrupted piercing of thick sheet metal, with greater smoothness and speed.
  • More piercing routines. These include spiral and circle piercings, allowing better gas flow during jobs and a superior surface finish.
  • More IoT support. ANCA Motion’s built-in OPC UA server comes with a library of cutting parameters. Job files can be loaded direct from network folders. Separately, ANCA’s Redax software package enables 24/7 production monitoring via the cloud for lights-out manufacturing.
  • Multiple workpieces and different jobs on the same bed. Multiple materials and jobs during the same cycle? This is now a reality. This feature is ideal for smaller machine shops with shorter runs and higher variability, saving them effort, time and money.
  • Cycle time estimator. The new estimator provides a simple, chart-based, “at a glance” summary, breaking down where time will be spent and how, for example during cutting, piercing or repositioning. If an operator changes a job’s parameters on the Tech Table, he or she can see how it will cost or save time overall.
  • Interfacing with a wider range of cutting heads. The range of cutting heads on the market has grown, and so is the range we can support. OSPRI, Raytools, Precitec, Laser Mech and many more.


29 August 2019