Heng Luo

Heng Luo is a product manager at ANCA Motion, managing the servo control system which includes servo drives, rotary motors and the LinX linear motors. After he completed his master degree in Electronics Engineering, Heng spent 12 years developing a wide range of automation products including servo drives, PLCs, and embedded systems, which built up his in-depth domain knowledge. Inspired by seeing the full horizon of product development, Heng moved into a product management role in 2015. He started his journey from commercializing one of ANCA Motion’s most innovative products: the LinX Linear Motor, which has now become a key differentiator for ANCA Motion. Not long after, Heng also took on the servo control system. Under his management, the AMD5x multi-axis servo drive system and motor product range have been substantially expanded to bring more value to customers. Heng is now the expert in servo control products at ANCA Motion.

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