Pinch Peel Grinding

Exceptional performance and optimal concentricity

Our sophisticated machine technology allow for quick part changeover and automatically switching between grinding faces to produce tools of both increasing and decreasing radii. The probe support provides quick set up for even the most intricate of specifications whilst still delivering high precision and accuracy.

A collaboration of tool editor, grinding, manual machine movement, machine configuration and teaching of the machine provide the perfect application for grinding straight lines as well as arcs to produce cylindrical, conical and spherical tools.

End effector synchronisation allows multiple cutting edges to operate simultaneously on a single tool surface. This allows the machine to perform both roughing and finishing in a single pass, resulting in significant time savings. Our Commander software allows you to build custom interfaces with rich visuals, filled with custom intelligence and functionality, with no programming skills required. 

Benefits Of The ANCA Motion Solution

  • Tool editor and grinding
  • Machine configuration
  • Teaching of the machine
  • Manual machine movement
  • Latest Commander software
  • End effector synchronisation
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