Tool Grinding

Complex tool geometry made simple

Patented Soft Axis or Virtual Axis allows a 5 axis machine to be programmed with 7 degrees of freedom. This simplifies the programming of complex tool geometry. The patented MPG feed assists operators to check a program before any grinding takes place, saving time and money.
The adaptive feed control can optimise production cycle time and extend grinding wheel life.
The CNC System offers flexible PLC options for adding part handling, tool holding and other auxiliary equipment. A unique probing interface is also included for pre and post process measurement of tool features with high speed and high accuracy. The open and flexible CNC includes support for advanced motion, custom kinematics, tailored M and G codes and extended part programming language. The control system provides sub-micron positional control for precise and accurate tool manufacturing. Tool and part handling systems can also be controlled asynchronously with 3 logical machines operating on the one CNC, with up to 20 axes assigned to each logical machine. Download PDF