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Since 2015, China's laser processing industry has experienced rapid development. The sales volume of high-power laser cutting machines has risen rapidly from 5,300 in 2005 to 38,000 in 2020, and the growth rate has remained above double digits for a long time. Also in 2015, ANCA Motion, a company with over 45 years of experience in the development and use of CNC systems, launched into the China market. ANCA Motion is committed to providing first-class laser cutting complete solutions for this market with great potential for future development.

CUT ASSIST: A complete laser cutting control solution

ANCA’s company name comes from Australia Numerical Control Association and is committed to applying CNC systems to various machine tools, robots and other mechanical and automation fields. ANCA has achieved established success in the fields of grinding and laser cutting. ANCA Motion China Branch Manager, Mr. Jackie Chen gives a vivid analogy for the role played by ANCA Motion in laser processing: "We are the 'brain' of the laser cutting machine".

From ensuring the quality of perforations and cutting to realising unmanned and uninterrupted production, this ‘brain’ plays a key role: "Based on our technical insight and experience in lasers, we provide customers with a variety of products and services. For example, ANCA Motion’s Tech-table provides a complete list of laser cutting parameters, allowing OEMs to set various cutting parameters, such as slit compensation, power ramping, cooling point and piecing type, etc. OEMs can also create default parameters, which can be imported and added as needed to the machine." Jackie Chen said.

"The production planning function of the ANCA Motion CNC system focuses on allowing users to automate the operation of the laser cutting machine as much as possible. This allows the operator to configure automatic cleaning and nozzle replacement, automatic loading and production planning scheduling in a production plan. A machine tool with an ANCA Motion control system with this function can achieve 24-hour continuous cutting without operator intervention.

In addition, ANCA Motion CNC is also equipped with a fully functional OPC UA server, allowing OEM's IoT solutions to connect to any parameters inside the machine. Of course, ANCA Motion also provides a dedicated service and support platform, where OEMs can establish preventive maintenance, collect error reports, remote file access and automatic software updates, which greatly saves OEMs and end users' costs and improves efficiency.

R&D: Development in the China market

In the past five years, ANCA Motion has been in a rapid development stage. Despite the dual impacts of the trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic, ANCA Motion continues to increase its hardware and software investments in China, while also hiring more R&D, technical and sales personnel. As the Chinese laser processing market is rapidly moving towards the 10,000-watt level, ANCA Motion has also launched 12kw and 15kw laser cutting machine solutions according to market demand. ANCA Motion’s open system also allows OEMs to use tools to optimise performance to achieve high-power cutting and to achieve higher quality thick plate cutting.

It is worth mentioning that ANCA puts the idea of ​​energy saving throughout the entire product development and improvement process. In terms of software, ANCA Motion's control scheme maximises the cutting efficiency of the machine, reduces downtime, and reduces energy waste. For example, using ANCA Motion's path smoothing algorithm, the cutting cycle can be shortened by more than 20%. At the same time, ANCA Motion also has hardware solutions to recover "wasted" energy. In ANCA Motion's AMD5x multi-axis drive system, ANCA Motion has developed a dedicated module that can efficiently recover regenerative energy and reuse it instead of simply converting it into heat energy through a regenerative resistor and wasting it.

"China is leading a growing laser market and embracing innovation to manufacture higher quality and precision products. More and more local Chinese companies hope to achieve their goals by adopting tailor-made turnkey solutions. This is where the advantage of ANCA Motion lies. We have more than 20 years of experience in the laser market, coupled with the dedication of our R&D and application teams. Our laser cutting solutions enable OEMs to develop their own features, incorporating laser cutting OEMs’ unique requirements and experience in the cutting process. This is useful to differentiate them from their competitors." believes Jackie.

ANCA Motion has also increased its investment in China and opened up channels for cooperation. "For example, ANCA Motion has formed an in-depth cooperation with a laser technology research institute and purchased various machines (a 2D cutting machine and tube cutting machines, etc.) to facilitate our laser solution development and testing in China and improve the efficiency of serving customers." Mr. Chen said.

"We will continue to recruit more engineers in China to create a 'centre of excellence'. In the next few years, our focus will be to build a larger team in China to meet the needs of local customers. This includes further developing our 2D cutting solutions, high-end tube cutting and 3D 5-axis laser cutting solutions. As far as R&D is concerned, the China team will focus on application development and work closely with customers. Our Australian headquarters will continue to be a strong technology centre, focusing on core software and hardware development. We have also allocated the position of our laser cutting product manager position in China in order to establish a bridge between ANCA Motion teams in China and Australia, and to better conduct product development close to our local customers."

Service: grow together, share success

As one of the world's few truly 5-axis CNC machine manufacturers, ANCA continues leveraging 45 years of experience in the tool grinding industry and have launched a series of grinding turnkey solutions. Jackie Chen said: "Take our recently launched Cygrind turnkey CNC grinding solution as an example, which combines high-precision CNC performance and powerful yet user-friendly software.  CyGrind’s functionality covers standard 2-axis cylindrical grinding to more flexible multi-axis applications including non-round and off-centre grinding. CyGrind's user interface features geometry-based design with 3D graphical feedback and can cater to the most demanding jobs without the need for any ISO programming."

"In addition, we will keep developing new control hardware products to better support our customers. For example, we will be launching the next generation CNC, AMC6 and AMD5x G2 multi-axis drive system soon. The AMC6 CNC is a fan-less compacted unit that adopts the latest generation of Intel® processor technology. It is the ideal solution under industrial environment for laser and other machine tools applications. AMD5x G2 multi-axis servo drive system supports more flexible mounting options and single cable motor system. Higher robustness level can be achieved by the application of conformal coating.

In terms of a company development strategy, ANCA Motion hopes to better empower customers by establishing a flexible business model to serve customers and new opportunities. ANCA Motion also encourages other business models, such as system integrators and cooperates with third-party sales networks to develop customised automation solutions.

In the future, ANCA Motion will share our enterprising spirit and an open and sincere attitude to grow together with outstanding Chinese companies and share in their success.


6 October 2020