We love motion: ANCA Motion’s passion is designing and manufacturing flexible control systems

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ANCA Motion is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performing, flexible and intuitive motion control solutions in high-end CNC machines, including hardware and software. With headquarters in Australia and a network of global offices, including in India, the highly skilled team has over 45 years’ experience in CNC systems and motion control. ANCA Motion’s solutions are available in more than 40 countries and across a wide range of industries.

Strong technology and engineering design expertise drives ANCA Motion’s multi-disciplinary team to achieve high speed and sub-micron precision for demanding applications. As part of the ANCA Group, the company originally developed CNC technology for its world-leading 5- axis CNC grinding machines. Through development and continuous improvement, ANCA Motion's CNC system has maintained its leading position in the world among high-end 5-axis grinders.

Finding innovative solutions through customer partnerships
As an agile company, ANCA Motion specialises in providing customised service and building close relationships with customers. ANCA Motion General Manager, Mr. Paul Bocchi said: “We understand that we supply a critical part of our customers’ solution and so we aim to act as not only a supplier, but as an extension of our customers’ engineering teams. As we design complete CNC systems and motion control solutions, we know how all the parts work together and can utilise our knowledge and control to achieve performance advantages that others cannot.”

“We pride ourselves on aiming for premium performance with our solutions. This requires a constant focus on the important problems to solve in our target markets combined with ongoing research and development of our solutions to continuously improve. To do this effectively, we need to work closely with our customers to understand their goals.

” An example of working with customers to provide targeted solutions was evident for a manufacturer wanting to use ANCA Motion’s linear motor in food grade applications. The team customised the existing design by understanding the customer’s requirements to create a linear motor that can withstand hot caustic washdown that is used to clean food grade machinery.

Iterative design drives ANCA Motion’s products from tubular linear motors to laser applications 
ANCA Motion designs, manufactures, and provides global support for all components in their solution from CNC IPC, software, servo drives, HMI, I/O and motors. The unique LinX® tubular linear motors are used in CNC and general automation applications where flexible positioning and machine dynamics is required.

Tubular linear motors are gaining traction in industrial applications especially in the packaging, medical, and food and beverage industries, since these motors are an ideal replacement for pneumatics given they have a similar form factor but much better efficiency and reliability. The LinX® range of tubular linear motors offer improved performance at a competitive cost, compared to conventional flat linear motors and rotary motors. Attributes that make LinX® an ideal solution are its high speed and acceleration capabilities, modular design, reduced maintenance, standalone thermal stability, and ability to achieve higher IP protection.

ANCA Motion are strong in cylindrical grinding. They have a turn-key solution – CyGrind – which is modular in design to allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the flexibility to offer features such as outside diameter grinding right through to the more complex non- round, and off-centre grinding. It also offers convenient functions such as probing and OptiGrind. There is so much to this turn-key solution that allows OEMs to leverage the power of the solution whilst also maintaining their own uniqueness, having the ability to develop their own functions as well as customise the GUI.

ANCA Motion is also strong in laser cutting, having worked in this market for over 20 years. ANCA Motion’s control systems offer high accuracy and a high level of contouring capability. Add to this the ability to achieve high speeds and the opportunity for OEMs to develop their own functions using Motion’s core software, and this offers significant differentiation from an OEM’s competition. The company has dedicated laser field application and software application development teams who work closely with customers to develop targeted solutions and to achieve their own proprietary product features, such as: advanced height following algorithm, interpolation motion performance and other requirements.

In CNC applications, such as laser cutting, advances in fibre laser technology mean significant increases to laser power over a short period of time. The challenge to fully utilise this available laser power is one to watch as ANCA Motion works with customers to push machines and its CNC system development to produce the most productive laser cuttingmachines ever seen on the market.

Software development is a core competency of ANCA Motion
Software is a key differentiator for ANCA Motion. Mr. Paul Bocchi said: “By developing software that can make use of our hardware, we can deliver unique features that provide optimal performance while providing our customers the ability to customise our software for their own competitive advantage.” “Software- and IT-related product developments and solutions were already becoming increasingly represented in our roadmaps, and I expect this to continue with the changing face of technology. Where software capabilities drove the hardware development of the mobile phone, so too will we see enabling technologies and capabilities under the Industrial Internet of Things umbrella lead system and hardware development.”

ANCA Motion in India

ANCA Motion is committed to further establishing the company as a quality CNC, servo and automation company in the Indian market. The team works closely with customers to offer hardware and software solutions with world-class products. ANCA Motion’s customers are considered as valuable business partners for the long term and the India office provides dedicated sales support via a local field application engineer.

Working with existing markets in India as well as plans to expand to more emerging markets through new products will see the team’s service and application support extend. Products include automation and general motion control, more CNC fields, and the integration of ANCA Motion CNC system with MES and smart factories.

The expected CAGR for the Indian laser market is 18%+ for 2020-2025, and there are many mid-sized OEMs that are highly suitable for ANCA Motion’s solutions.

There are also opportunities for working with OEMs on standard CyGrind solutions as well as special purpose grinding machines like Gear Grinding or Cam grinding. CyGrind with a combination of LinX® S-series can also provide high accuracy with special grinding machines.

ANCA Motion is diverse in their global locations and technology and are committed to growing the business in the region. ANCA Motion launched a series of new products in 2021 to enable our customer’s success. This includes our high- performance laser tube cutting control solution: TubeCut Master 1.0, our CyGrind turnkey solution which sets a new standard for cylindrical grinding industry, as well as the innovative LinX® M-series tubular linear motors. We also released our next generation fan-less CNC controller and AMD5x G2 multi-axis drive system catered to increasingly demanding industrial application environment. Looking ahead, we will commit to our continuing investment in advancing our products and solutions to grow together with our customers.

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23 November 2021