Highly dynamic

Integrated position sensor

Pneumatics retrofit friendly

The LinX® M-Series Linear Motor

The innovative LinX® cylindrical Linear Motor offered by ANCA Motion provides improved performance at lower cost when compared to conventional flatbed linear motors and rotary motors. The high speed and acceleration, standalone thermal stability and ability to achieve high IP66 protection make LinX® an ideal solution for machine tools, food processing and other automation industries.

Suitable for a range of applications

Dynamic, Efficient, Reliable

  • Product Details
    ANCA Motion’s tubular LinX® Linear Motors consist of a shaft containing magnets and a forcer containing wound copper coils. The symmetric design results in zero attractive forces between the forcer and shaft, greatly reducing the loading requirement on support bearings. With LinX® Linear Motors simple construction, non-critical air gap and no physical contact between shaft and forcer, machine manufacturers can greatly simplify installation, reduce maintenance and extend machine life. The LinX® Linear Motors range is designed to allow easy replacement of ball screws and pneumatic cylinders in existing machine designs.
    High efficiency and zero down force enable extended machine life
    IP66 protection level
    Simplify machine integration

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  • Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Integrated Position Feedback Absolute accuracy to ±0.5mm. 
    Resolution: 10μm
    Forcer Compact sizes
    Modular heatsink
    600VDC bus voltage
    Shaft 50mm magnetic pitch
    Neutral magnetic field
    Stainless steel tube
    Wide stroke range
    Capabilities High speed
    High acceleration
    Pneumatics retrofit friendly

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ANCA Motion's LinX® Linear Motor Offers Machine Manufacturers a Sharp Edge

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