Download CAD Models for the LinX M-Series

Download CAD models for the motor, shaft, and accessories.

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Motor Accessories:

Mounting Kit:

Allows the round bore motor to be mounted against a flat surface or with ISO 15552 standard accessories and brackets. The kit consists of two anodized aluminum end-caps, stainless steel connecting rods and accompanying barrel nuts. Note that although the motor can be used with only mounting the mounting kit, it is recommended to choose one of the supported cooling options (heatsink, heatsink and fan kit or cooling jackets) in order to achieve the published force ratings.

Heatsink Kit:

Includes the standard mounting components. The finned heatsink is the standard cooling option for the motor and must be used for the motor to achieve its rated force.

Fan Kit IP67:

Can be used in addition to the heatsink, to achieve improved continuous force rating of the motor due to increased air-flow over the fins. The IP67 fan kit includes two fans, two fan guards, IP rated connector, two mounting brackets and accompanying screws.

Fan Kit:

Can be used in addition to the heatsink, to achieve improved continuous force rating of the motor due to increased air-flow over the fins.The fan kit includes two fans with flying leads, two fan guards, two mounting brackets and accompanying screws. 

Liquid Cooling Kit:

Functions by creating a fluid galley around the outer motor bore through which coolant can be circulated. Using the water-cooling jacket kit provides the best possible cooling performance and therefore resutls in the highest continuous force from the motor. When using the water-cooled jacket kit option the heatsink and mounting kit are not required, as all required accessories are included in the kit.



Shaft Accessories:

ISO15552 Adaptor: (630-0-00-4068)

Through Mounting Kit: (630-0-00-4075) 

Floating Mounting Kit: (630-0-00-4076)

Shaft Clamp Kit: (630-0-00-4077)

Spherical Washer Kit: 

Other Accesories:



The bush insert is installed into the central bore of the forcer and will locate the forcer against the magnetic shaft. The bush accessory allows for multiple shaft and forcer mounting configuration where there is physical contact between shaft and forcer, as opposed to an air-gap operation. Note that two bushes are required per forcer, one for each end. Note also that a single bush type can be used for each of the three different forcer lengths.

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