Laser Tube Cutting CNC Solution


Flexible and high performance CNC system combined with a user friendly experience.

Proven Precision

ANCA Motion’s renowned CNC technology has been extensively developed for over 40 years with a rich history in 3 to 5 axis CNC grinding.

Powerful Customisation

TubeCut Master takes advantage of ANCA Motion’s Commander software which allows electrical engineers without programming experience to customize from colors and branding to operations and behavior.

Your CNC Partner

We adapt our hardware and software to our OEM’s exacting requirements, and offer continuous support and innovation throughout the life of the product.

At a glance

  • Supports multiple length-based sections – round tube; square tube; rectangular tube; L-shape; U-shape; and many more.
  • Optimised Z axis control logic, resulting in high performing ping-pong repositioning move, and extremely high cutting efficiency across the corner and faster cycle time.
  • Multiple functions to ensure the contour can reach a high precision standard.
  • Front and back supporters move quickly and accurately, resulting in better cutting quality.
  • Industrial fieldbus provided to extend automation devices.
  • User level controls ensure unauthorized parameters are not arbitrarily changed.
  • Open control system platform allows OEMs to customize their own control functions.
  • Modular design Commander software enables customers to build their own GUI using a simple drag and drop.