Customise buttons, branding, colours and logos

Tough Industrial Applications

Impact-resistant and durable composite body, able to withstand industrial environments


Industry leading EtherCAT® fieldbus, designed to work with any EtherCAT control system with seamless integration

The AMI5000 Remote Pendant

The AMI5000 hand-held Remote Pendant supports EtherCAT fieldbus technology and can be used with any EtherCAT host system through a simple, effortless integration. The pendant’s durable composite body is resistant to impacts and can handle demanding applications; while being simple and lightweight. Ergonomically designed to fit inside the operator’s hand, the buttons can be configured for specialized applications. The EtherCAT Remote Pendant has the flexibility to add custom logos, design and colours to meet branding requirements. The safety of the operator and machinery is ensured with two safety switches – an Emergency Stop at the top of Pendant and a Hold to Run button (not available in the lite version) located at the side of the body.

  • Portable, light weight machine control interface
  • Seamless integration as easy as Plug and Play
  • Dual channel Emergency Stop
  • Flexible mounting options with varying cable lengths
  • Optional Hold to Run safety switch

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Customer Testimonials 


Really loving how nicely these pendants integrated into our Beckhoff EtherCAT master. Was as close to plug and play as it gets. Bravo!

Joe Sheehan
Sr. Automation and Controls Engineer, ACE - SpaceX

The old idea of ‘using the same brand so there are no issues’ is gone with EtherCAT. The freedom is there to pick and choose hardware that is best for the application without problems with integration.

Engineering Manager
Tru Tech Systems
  • Product Details

    The EtherCAT Remote Pendant is a hand-held portable machine control interface built for challenging environments. Simple and easy to use with minimal training, it can be integrated seamlessly into the control system. With flexible mounting options and cable lengths, it suits every need of the customer. Its robust build is a testament to the quality of the device. The MPG handwheel allows for precise control through tactile feedback, and the Dual channel Emergency Stop & Hold to Run option ensures that the machine is always operated safely.

    EtherCAT facilitates ease of integration into any application.

    Watch the video to see how easy it is to integrate the AMI5000 Remote Pendant with a Beckhoff TwinCAT system, in less than 3 minutes. (The pendant can be integrated with any EtherCAT system)

    Equipped with a dual channel Emergency Stop button at the top of the remote pendant as well as an optional Hold to Run button for increased safety and control.
    The MPG handwheel allows the User to have precise control via tactile quality feedback
  • Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Special Features Customised buttons with company logos and colours to suit end user requirements,
    Reduced wiring due to EtherCAT interface,
    Increased Safety through dual channel Emergency Stop,
    MPG handwheel to control precisely through tactile quality feedback
    Communication 100Mbps, EtherCAT® field bus, RUN and ERROR status LEDs
    Connection 18 pin circular connector, 24VDC input, 2m cable
    Interaction MPG hand wheel, Feed rate control, 16 control buttons
    Safety Dual channel Emergency Stop, Dual channel Hold-To-Run
    Durable Composite plastic casing, Wear and drop resistant
    Cable Straight or Curled; minimum of 2m and maximum of 10m with 1m increments
    Mounting Options Magnetic cradle, Machine mounted

Download CAD Models

Follow the link to get access to CAD files for the Remote Pendant.

Download CAD Files

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