Easy Access

Automatically detect and list available drives


Drive data logger


Configure motor settings


MotionBench is a software application designed to make the task of commissioning and tuning digital servo drives easy. Using the MotionBench software, you can update the drive code, run tuning algorithms, load parameters and view the system response in a few simple clicks. MotionBench allows you to connect and configure multiple drives simultaneously and save these as customised settings that you can recall anytime.

  • Product Details
    Adapt to customer's specific needs
    Simplifiy customer's project
    Can be easily integrated with other software - Commander or AMCore
  • Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Customisable Save and restore configurations, Update drive code, Load parameters, Run tuning algorithms
    Support Customised solutions tailored to your exact requirements, Ongoing support through your products lifecycle
    Automation View system response, Automatically detect and list available drives
    Functionality Connect to multiple drives simultaneously, Configure motor settings, Tune system parameters, Drive data logger
    Integration Can be integrated with existing software, Commander or AMCore.