Advanced Control Labs

Explore advanced control designs, such as PID / MPC control, Digital Filters and Observers.

Control System Research

Pre-built platform allows researchers to develop control algorithms using MathWorks® Simulink®.

IoT and Industry 4.0 Research

IoT and Industry 4.0 topics can be explored by simulating fault and maintenance scenarios.

ANCA Motion's
Educational Control Package

ANCA Motion is excited to present the AM-LAB 2000; an educational package for universities and vocational institutions. Designed with students and researchers in mind, the AM-LAB 2000 offers first-hand experience operating cutting-edge servo technology, and exposure to its inner-workings.
Our turnkey back-to-back motor rig includes industrial servo drives, motors, and the required electrical switch gear. This allows the focus to remain on research and education objectives, rather than test rig buliding.
  • Overview

    Why the AM Lab?


    • Teach and simulate linear and non-linear dynamic loads in a safe and repeatable environment.
    • Exposure to artefacts present in industrial environments such as quantization.
    • Focus on research and education objectives rather than test rig building.
    • Included are lab exercises and the corresponding reference text book for control system teaching.

  • Contents
    What's provided in the package?
    Back to Back unit
    • 2 x AMD2000 3A EtherCAT Servo drives
    • 2 x MA80-2430-A Alpha Motors
    • Zero backlash Jaw coupling between the drive and load motors
    • Required electrical switch gear for 220 Vac single phase operation


    • Block Set for control the drive and load motors using MathWorks® Simulink® Real-Time™
      (Target PC and Licence not included)

    • Drive initialisation and operation mode management

    • Mass spring damper system and animation worked example

    Control Lab package ​      (available on request)
    • Corresponding  Hardware In the Loop (HIL) lab exercises and models

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