Complete Creativity

Design and create your own GUI


Run time configurable and extensible

Design Your Way

Flexible, customisable and skinnable


Commander gives you the power to build custom interfaces with rich visuals, filled with custom intelligence and functionality, with no programming skills required. Commander is designed to allow human operators to seamlessly monitor and interact with processed data, providing a cutting-edge user experience.

Commander Software

Create Your Own Interface

  • Product Details
    Arrange buttons and icons to suit individual business requirements
    Customise and re-colour the look and feel of the soft panel
    Managed extensibility framework
    API's for creating widgets and UI's
    Touch-screen friendly design and operation.
    Designed for Windows 8 desktop
  • Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Run Time Configuration Create or modify your interface in real-time, Seamlessly move and re-arrange any visual (button, text, image, etc.) to suit your individual business requirements
    Fully Customisable Change appearance/colour easily with in-built skinning/theming to reflect individual branding, Select from our vast in-built library or create your own widgets and styles, Advanced plugin system
    Technology Designed for use on Windows 8™
    Screen Touch-screen friendly design and operation, Designed for Windows® desktop, Vector-based (scalable) and resolution independent
    Facade Visually stunning, Skin can be fully customised to reflect individual branding
    Support Flexible scripting can be extended using IronPython
    Functionality Powerful but simple spread sheet-like expression evaluation, Flexible scripting using IronPython, Can be integrated with existing software, MotionBench or AMCore.