Highly Efficient

High efficiency control for rotary and linear motors

Quiet Operation

Very low current sensing noise

EtherCAT® Fieldbus

Industry Leading EtherCAT® fieldbus

AMD5x G2 Multi-Axis Servo System

The EtherCAT®-based AMD5x G2 Series is a multi-axis servo system that delivers high efficiency and performance motion control for rotary and linear motors. The bussed system architecture significantly reduces the complexity of multi-axis control implementation to simplify the installation process. The system simply attaches the required number of drives at various output current ratings to the central Passive Infeed Unit (PIU). The robust AMD5x Passive In-feed Unit generates a shared DC-Link that supplies multiple servo drives and communicates across an EtherCAT® fieldbus. Multiple cabinet mounting options are available for optimal thermal management. Detailed drive configuration and turning parameters can be customized easily for unique applications designed to optimise system performance.

  • Product Details
    The AMD5x Series consists of drive models with continuous current ratings of 3A, 6A, 12A, 20A or 35A, and a 15KW central PIU with direct connection to 380-480VAC 3 phase input. The drive’s large encoder bandwidth and ultra-low current sensing noise enhance its excellent operating characteristics. The build-in high-speed probe inputs, high-speed I/O,  galvanic isolated motor temperature sensor input and brake control simplify the system integration. The PIU provides power to all bussed drives by converting 3 phase mains to a filtered DC supply and also has the ability to diagnose various system faults.
    Increase system efficiency and reduce energy waste
    Enable demanding applications such as Laser cutting
    Simple machine design, reducing system and operating cost.
  • Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Power Supply Rating 15KW continuous output power, 30KW overload output power
    Drive Current 3A, 6A, 12A, 20A or 35A RMS continuous output options
    Encoder Channels 2x incremental analogue 1Vpp Sin-Cos
    1x Hiperface DSL® (optional)
    1x BiSS (optional)
    1x incremental digital (optional)
    DC Bus 600VDC, Powered by AMD5x Infeed Unit, Bussed system for improved efficiency
    Communication 100Mbps, EtherCAT® fieldbus, SoE IEC 61800-7-204 profile, Ethernet RJ-45
    Peak Current 200% of nominal
    Motor Interface Fully isolated motor temperature sensing, Brake control
    High Speed Inputs 2x High-speed probe inputs
    2x High-speed digital outputs (optional)
    8x Digital inputs (optional)
    2x Digital outputs (optional)
    2x Analog inputs (optional)
    1x Analog output (optional)
    Encoder Monitoring RJ-45 connection, Motor speed monitoring, External safety monitoring
    Control Linear and rotational motors, Position, velocity and torque control
    Thermal and over-current protection, Ultra low current sensing noise
    Mounting Duct mount
    Wall mount
    Recessed mount
    Special Features Field upgradeable firmware, MotionBench configuration software, Efficiency higher than 98%, Conformal coating

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