Wide Range

Wide input range from 100V to 240C, single or 3 phase


Certified STO (Safe Torque Off) function


Industry leading EtherCAT® fieldbus

The AMD2000 Series is ANCA Motion’s latest generation of AC servo drives.

The servo drives are significantly smaller than previous generations, reducing the need to consider costly cabinet space whilst maintaining ANCA Motion’s state-of-the-art technology, suitable for both straightforward and complex applications alike.

AMD 2000 is available in 3A and 9A.


EtherCAT® Digital AC Servo Drive

  • Product Details
    The AMD2000 Series Servo Drive consists of drive models with continuous current ratings of 3A and 9A. Motion control is performed by the drive controller which accepts position feedback from motor encoders and/or separate linear scales. The on board I/O can eliminate the need for costly separate I/O modules.
    STO (Safe Torque Off)

    Simplify customer's safety solution with fewer external safety components
    Enable the ease of system integration
    Offer customers with various advantages including deterministic communication, fast update rates, easy configuration etc.
  • Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Interaction LED-Display, 4x Buttons
    Digital I/O Supply Mains 100-240VAC input, In-built 24VDC power supply
    50/60Hz input, 3A, 9A or 15A continuous output current
    Control Linear and rotational motors, Position, velocity and torque control, Thermal and over-current protection
    Special Features >90% efficiency at load, Field upgradeable firmware, Safe torque off IEC 61800-5-2 (opt.)
    MotionBench configuration software, In-built brake resistor
    Communications 100Mbps, EtherCAT® fieldbus, 
    Ethernet RJ-45
    Digital Input 8x 24V isolated inputs, 2x RS422 inputs, 24VDC nominal
    Digital Output 6x 24V isolated outputs, 3x RS422 outputs
    Analogue Input 2 inputs, ± 10V nominal
    Analogue Output 2 output, ± 10V nominal