AMD5x G2 Multi-axis Servo System wins 2023 Laser Industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Award

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AMD5x G2 Multi-Axis Servo System

ANCA Motion's AMD5x G2 Multi-axis Servo System has won an industry award in China through the trade industry media publication Ringier. 

Shawn Xiang, AM Laser Solutions Product Manager, attended the presentation ceremony in Shanghai and said: 

"We are honoured to receive this award as we are committed to providing customers with a full range of high-performance, personalised laser application solutions.

Currently, China is leading a growing laser market and embracing innovation to manufacture products of higher quality and precision, and these are our strengths."

Winning this award is fantastic recognition and promotion of ANCA Motion's brand in China and in the laser market. It highlights the AMD5x G2 system which addresses specific needs of the laser cutting industry. This achievement gives credibility and visibility to our technology and solutions in laser processing. 

About AMD5x G2 system

The EtherCAT®-based AMD5x G2 Series is a multi-axis servo system that delivers high efficiency and performance motion control for rotary and linear motors. The bussed system architecture significantly reduces the complexity of multi-axis control implementation to simplify the installation process. For more information, please check here directly.

About ANCA Motion

ANCA Motion is a market leader in CNC control, particularly in market segments such as high-speed laser cutting, and high-precision 5-axis grinding applications. We have been involved in CNC for almost 50 years. As a global company, ANCA Motion is headquartered in Australia and has offices worldwide.

Figure 1 – ANCA Motion’s LinX® S-Series Linear Motor

All of our major components, such as our servo drives and HMI, are designed, manufactured, and supported by us. Moreover, we offer a line of LInX® tubular linear motors that are suitable for a wide range of manufacturing automation applications. By integrating a linear motor into your manufacturing automation process, you can streamline your operations while also achieving significant cost savings. The beauty of linear motors is that they are retrofit-friendly and can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.


10 May 2023