ANCA Motion’s CyGrind sets new standards in cylindrical grinding – making the complex, simple

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ANCA Motion’s CyGrind Turnkey CNC solution combines supreme usability, powerful computation, and a long heritage of engineering breakthroughs in a complete hardware and software package that makes complicated cylindrical grinding simple.

Intuitive operations
The CyGrind turnkey solution enables non-expert workers to handle machining operations from two-axis to more complex multi-axis operations, such as cam shaft grinding. Non-centered andnon-round parts are a breeze for users of all experience levels via CyGrind’s industry-leading features.

CyGrind is setting new standards, both for the cylindrical grinding industry and for customers wanting the most out of their machine shops. Its collection of features address issues including the need to get expert results when expert programmers might not be available, to reliably produce parts to tight tolerances, and to deliver new levels of productivity. For those used to more traditional cylindrical grinding solutions, CyGrind offers breakthroughs in user experience with its modern software design and intuitive operations.

An incredibly intuitive user interface means no NC programming expertise is needed. Users can create, configure, and execute jobs using a library of geometries, 3D visualization, and highly intuitive prompts. Outside dxf files can also be imported for use.

Cylindrical grinding, particularly for more exotic geometries, has previously been a job for expert-level operators, requiring advanced NC programming skills. Through CyGrind, a beginner can accomplish such jobs through drag and drop. Highly intuitive prompts walk a user through the workflow, including simulations before grinding.

Job can be broken down into four simple steps: tailoring a part’s geometry using predefined segments, assigning operations to each of these, reviewing operations, and editing process parameters.

Process parameters can be tweaked for each grinding operation, such as roughing, fining, finishing, and sparkout. Advanced Grind mode also allows these to be enabled or disabled.

High productivity
An obvious challenge is getting the most productivity out of capital investments, answered smartly by the OptiGrind feature, a powerful feature that can cut cycle times by as much as 50 per cent.

OptiGrind smooths out material removal rates, instead of having the grinding wheel move in and out at a constant speed which is limited by the slowest speed the workpiece can be approached for a certain segment. Little material is removed in flatter segments, for example, so the wheel can move in and out much faster, boosting efficiency.

OptiGrind uses a combination of highly advanced motion control technology plus the ability to calculate a lot of data in the CNC control. Using advanced algorithms, ANCA Motion’s latest generation AMC6 CNC can process 300,000 blocks per minute (300 K BPM), the absolute top tier in the industry.

Rich with features

CyGrind is a feature-rich solution, providing answers to some of the thorniest issues throughout the world’s machine shops.

CyGrind can accommodate multiple grinding wheels for a system. This is another boon for productivity and accuracy. Different grinding wheels on the same work cell can perform different operations, without having to change wheels. Besides the downtime, changing wheels can introduce inaccuracies, which is an obvious problem when micron or sub-micron details matter.

CyGrind supports a collection of automated enhancements to grinding, such as in-process gauging, probing, and automated wheel dressing. Through in-process gauging, dimensions on a part can be measured, in real-time, as it’s being ground. This eliminates the need to remove it for measurement and is another way to cut cycle times.

CyGrind uses a geometry reference point to handle part positioning in a machine. Software allows for easy selection of the reference shoulder and supports either automatic digitizing (for machines with touch probes) or manual referencing (using the grinding wheel.) For wheel dressing, CyGrind allows full flexibility with dressing and how frequently it occurs. Up to three diamond dressers are supported by the software.

Another standout feature is MPG Feed feature. MPG Feed feature was introduced to the world by ANCA group in 1995, featuring on the company’s TG7 tool grinder and CL4 cylindrical grinder units. Other companies have followed ANCA’s lead in the years since, and MPG is a regular part of CNC machines.

MPG is usually operated by a pendant with a handwheel, with the wheel moving a CNC along the programmed axes of its toolpath in small, pre-set increments. MPG Feed feature can be used in forward as well as in reverse movement.

In CyGrind, MPG Feed can be used in setting up before production, detecting potential problems like a collision between a grinding wheel and a workpiece.

It can be used in conjunction with the Live Offset feature, applying axis offsets at any time to avoid such potential collisions. Together, these two features combine to provide a convenient way for commissioning and troubleshooting.

When combined with ANCA Motion’s LinX® tubular linear motors, CyGrind delivers superior surface finish at reduced cycle times owing to LinX® motors’ direct drive nature and its high speed and acceleration.

LinX® linear motors are specifically designed for machine tools applications, with a proven track record in thousands of high precision 5-axis grinding machines. Its innovative tubular structure brings a number of benefits for machine builders including reduced maintenance cost, more stable thermal performance, smaller machine footprint and safer machine assembly.

History and capabilities

ANCA Motion was established in 2008 and is a subsidiary of ANCA Group. ANCA Group has deep experience in three- to five-axis tool and cutter grinder machines, with over 45 years of global leadership, developing a long series of innovations in response to the demands of the world’s most demanding companies in aerospace, medical, automotive, and other sectors.

ANCA Group has developed the vast pool of technical expertise around motion control essential to lead their high-tech sector.

ANCA Motion is a partner to machine manufacturers, designing and providing customized, high-precision motion control solutions all over the world.

CyGrind is a hardware and software solution, using ANCA Motion’s Commander software, AMC6 CNC controller, touchpad HMI, remote pendant, servo drives, Gamma series rotary motors and LinX® tubular linear motors.

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23 November 2021