World-Class Laser Cutting Solution


Providing world-class hardware and software solutions to the laser cutting control market, ANCA Motion offers complete customisation.
Our turnkey solution delivers powerful automation to support high-performing machines.
Production Planning

Decrease non-cutting time by automating job setup.
Accurate cycle time estimator allows operators to manage multiple machines at once.

Service and Support

24 hour spare part turnaround time, and software metrics that capture exactly what is happening on the machine to allow for quick machine diagnostics.

IOT Ready

OPC UA server, the ability to import job files from networked folders.

Build your own laser cutting solution:


Create exclusive functionality for your laser cutting solution.
Use ANCA Motion's software as building blocks to fully customise your control system.

Commander allows you to do minor and major UI customisation, ranging from changing the look and feel of the software to creating completely custom menus and functions.

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At the heart of ANCA Motion's software is AMCore, which allows our customers to build their own applications. This allows for great level of customisation.

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A turnkey laser cutting solution:

We understand that machine efficiency and utilisation time is important to your business, and have tailored Cut Assist v2.0 to maximise performance. 
We deliver a complete solution for your specific application and needs.

Lights Out Operation
Reduce operator interaction by automating unproductive machine time.
Operator Protection
Easy and safe to use, this feature prevents accidents and damage to the laser head.
Advanced Height Following Algorithm
Maximise machine working time with height following. Actively jump over cut parts to avoid collisions and errors in the path planning.
Superior Contouring Performance
Sophisticated motion control increases maximum velocity with optimised curves, significantly reducing cycle time.