A Turnkey CNC Solution for Cylindrical Grinding


CyGrind is a turnkey CNC grinding solution combining premium CNC performance with powerful yet user friendly software. CyGrind’s functionality covers standard 2-axis cylindrical grinding to more flexible multi-axis applications including non-round and off-center grinding. CyGrind’s user interface features geometry-based design with 3D graphical feedback and can cater to the most demanding jobs without the need for any ISO programming.

Intuitive user interface with 3D real-time visualisation. Grinding wizard guides users through the configuration process.


Supports a variety of OD/ID geometries, DXF import, multiple wheels. in-process gauging and probing features.


Reduces cycle time by state-of-the-art OptiGrind feature. Simplifies machine setup process with MPG Feed and Live Offset features.

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At a glance

  • Supports OD/ID cylindrical grinding, off-center round, and non-round geometry.
  • User friendly software minimizes operator training requirements.
  • Geometry based programming with 2D & 3D visualizations including real-time 3D simulation while grinding.
  • Full support for part probing, gauging and wheel dressing.
  • Premium CNC control system based on over 40 years of precision grinding expertise.
  • CNC features developed specifically for grinding that maximize productivity.
  • Non-round/cam grinding featuring CyGrind’s OptiGrind that minimizes cycle time by optimizing grinding feedrates.
  • Customizable grinding wizard minimizes operator input.
  • Turnkey solution eliminates the need for machine builders to develop and maintain software.

Non-round Grinding

CyGrind’s capabilities extend to the demanding application of nonround grinding. Non-round grinding involves complex geometry and calculations. With a 300K block per minute processing speed and nanometer internal positioning resolution, the ANCA Motion CNC system is capable of accurately commanding thousands of control points every second to achieve ultra-precision grinding results. Geometry can be specified from the in-built shape library or via DXF import.


The OptiGrind option is a powerful productivity feature which optimizes the grinding process by achieving consistent material removal rates. This innovative capability can significantly reduce cycle time for non-round grinding, giving your machine a competitive edge.


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