A complete cylindrical grinding CNC package


Powerful and user-friendly cylindrical and non-round grinding solution built on a proven high precision CNC system designed for grinding. With shape libraries included and the ability to import other shapes through the software, CyGrind is capable of generating various shaped work pieces in both standard and off centre (cam) grinding. 
User Friendly

Intuitive and logical flow makes operators confident to produce the right part, every time.

Improved Productivity

Lower costs, reduce waste, and allow everyone to work at speed without error.

Future Ready

Be ready with what comes next with IoT functionality and access to real-time machine insights.

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ANCA Motion's cylindrical grinding software has an abundance of features, that make operating our control system easy and effective.


Next level user experience

  • Designed for touch screens
  • Intuitive and logical step-by-step flow
  • In-built help prompts, grind preview pages and grinding simulation
  • No need for coding
  • Reduced need for training and support

Define geometry easily

  • Add geometry sections with a single press using the predefined geometry segments
  • Easily reference each geometry section to specify final size.

Assign operations

  • Once the geometry is defined, choose from the following grinding operations: Traverse, multi-plunge, single-plunge, shoulder plunge and angular plunge.

Full 3D visualisations

  • Realtime visual graphic feedback during grinding
  • Powerful graphics simulation for visualising the entire grinding process
  • Simple and flexible graphical geometry editor for part definition 
  • Flexible wheel geometry specification combined with graphical representations

MPG and live offset

  • Manually move along a programmed path to verify setup 
  • Dynamically apply axis offsets any time to avoid contact between the grinding wheel and workpiece during setup
  • Full confidence and full control when setting up the machine

Flexible process control

  • Have full control over the process by enabling/disabling and re-ordering operations as required to achieve optimum results.
  • Flexible options for applying compensation and regrinding to ensure maximum productivity

Operator checks

  • Full support for part probing, gauging and wheel dressing ensures accuracy and surface finish
  • Multiple compensation and adjustment options to ensure the parts meet accurate specifications

CyGrind also offers an extention to provide non-round geometry.

This includes the ability to define geometry from the standard shape library or by DXF import.
  • High block processing speed on the CNC allows geometry to be ground at high speed and high precision
  • Advanced options for compensating non round geometry
  • Full 3D visualisations, including realtime 3D visual feedback during grinding


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